Working on the new blog….

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Working on the new blog to switch everthing over… from blogger. It is not as easy as they say to start a blog and a hosted site in a half hour. It would be more correctly to say they can give you the tools to do it in under a half hour but to actually do it takes more time.

So I am only allowing myself an hour of time a day to work on it. That is my new method of doing things so I get bites of work done and get up and walk around.

In the sewing arena this week I have been working my Abby Poohs quilt. A Winnie the Pooh Quilt for my granddaughter. I am almost finished the hand quilting the panel and then will move onto the blocks border. It will feel good to finish this.

Next up I decided that I wanted my work to be more slow in process. Not in productivity but process. Often I rush to get something done and do not like the result.

My guild is doing a block of the month and I have kept pace with it. I rushed the first three blocks and was not satisfied with the work. The next two blocks I have slowed down… used the tricks I know to create more accurate blocks from prepping the fabric, to cutting the fabric, to using an scant 1/4, squaring up and checking units as I go, to pressing, to checking the block size when I am done. I have to say I give my self an “A” on these last two blocks.

Giving myself permission to accept I am not perfect, slowing my self down to do things the better way has given me blocks I am satisfied with and in the end a happy experience.

Here are the month 4 and 5 blocks.

Grimsby BOM

Grimsby BOM

I am going to hook up with the Needle and Thread Network

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