Lots of Progress – Find it Finish it!

Some people dedicate January to finishing the previous years projects.

I think I will be dedicating more than that before I get things down to a reasonable level. This can be somewhat freeing and or somewhat paralyzing. And I have to be honest there has been some paralyzing going on. This whole process of examination of projects has almost overwhelmed me. So much stuff.

My biggest problem is time… it takes a bunch of time just to maintain. Maintain the house. Maintain relationships. Maintain your health. When you have left a lot slide it takes work to get it back up and running let alone other things you add in.

I find when I am stressed I shut down. I don’t want to think anymore so I do a mindless task. Sewing can take that mindless task. It usually results in new project that I divert to so I may ignore the one that is overwhelming me. See the loop…. Yes you see it. The task you get stuck on gets diverted to the to do list. Start new project….get stuck….to do list….try to organize… start new project.

So I am trying to not get stuck in organizing …my number one avoidance strategy. I will research and read and research, draw up a plan, try to execute it and put it off to the back burner because one of the to do list has now become a number one priority.

Find it, Finish it has become my goal for the year! When I get the old out and done it will create its own energy to let me go on to endeavors that I dream of and let me adjust to our lives as it is now.

So what was found this week.

Back side of first quilt using a pantograph on my longarm

Front side of the panel quilt that was the first pantograph I have done on my longarm.

I have been “practicing” on muslin up until now… practice is good but after a wonderful talk Monday with my friends K and R I realize I just have to do it! So # 1 is done!

Loaded to my longarm. Free motion flames.

Number #2 is loaded and started.

A finish! My sons canvas woodworking apron!


And I spent some of the week while watching the Olympics on TV sewing on my new scrap Pineapple blocks. In away it is a Find it Finish it because the scraps have been piling up and won’t fit in the drawers any more. These are 18 inch blocks and 9 will make a nice lap quilt.

Closer shot of the next 8 blocks.

Almost finished 18 inch block. Just need to add triangle corners.

Pineapple blocks in progress.

Now I need to be off getting some work done after I put on some turkey to turn into pulled turkey for dinner.

Feel free to comment on what your worst procrastination project is. Mine is “organizing instead of doing and starting a new project and leaving the old in a “pile”. I am still trying to figure out this WordPress thing so be patient if you comment. Apparently I have to moderate it first and just found that out today.

I connecting to the Needle and Thread Network.

Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Lots of Progress – Find it Finish it!”

  1. Hi Jo. I am so happy to see you finishing up. Its like taking a load off your back. I think I have been avoiding some things this week–so guess what I did–I baked cookies. Really! I can not remember the last time I baked cookies. Its probably three years ago.

    1. Yummm. cookies. I think that is to give you energy to stitch! I am enjoying getting closer to having things done. Stitch by Stitch.

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