Have you ever had a dream…

Have you ever had a Dream….  
Houston International Quilt Market and Festival A CANADIAN NINE PATCH CELEBRATING CANADA’S 150TH BIRTHDAY
Sponsored by Edward Jones
Organized by Leslie Prokop and Shelley DeHay-Turner
This exhibit is inspired by Canada’s sesquicentennial. The quilts represent Canada’s history, geography, and culture
as expressed by each artist. And each work showcases a diversity of quilting styles as well as a variety of mediums
and techniques.
For years I have had a dream … the dream was to attend a national quilt festival. I never thought it would happen until I was asked along with many others to make a quilt to put into the exhibition above. 
It was the dream of my friends Leslie and Shelley to enter a special exhibit into the Houston Quilt Festival. So they started by recruiting friends and people who may be interested. It wasn’t a given that it would happen. It wasn’t a given it would be accepted. It was a given that my quilt would be included if the exhibit was accepted. 
But one thing was for sure I would have a finished quilt that I had long wanted to make that included my traditional side along with my art quilting side. And as usual I dragged my daughter in to help with the hand quilting. 
So now the exhibit has been accepted. It will hang at the 2017 Houston Quilt Market and Festival this October – November.  
And my dear hubby has booked the plane tickets and Air B and B.  My daughter has booked the time off of work and next month we will be there. Walking the aisles, shopping, see quilts we can ever imagine making. Meeting people. Quilt Stars! 
Totally Quilt geeks we are! 
And unbelievable to me, my quilt and my great-grandma’s quilt will be hanging along side my 25 new Canadian Quilt buddies and among the world’s quilters. 
So off to Houston we go with all my buddies who can attend. Ego boosting and humbling this experience both is…. 
No pictures for now.. we signed an agreement no pictures could be published before hand…. But you can be sure it will be along with my Houston and greatest adventures of being a quilt and sewing geek! 
P. S 
There will be an opportunity to see these quilts. 
Tuesday December 5th from 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.
Brant Hills Community Centre
2255 Brant St,
Burlington, ON
We will be presenting our Canadian Nine Patch Quilt exhibit at the Brant Hills Community Centre – just south of #5

We will be hosting a one day event to share our quilts and their stories with our community