Lots of Progress – Find it Finish it!

Some people dedicate January to finishing the previous years projects.

I think I will be dedicating more than that before I get things down to a reasonable level. This can be somewhat freeing and or somewhat paralyzing. And I have to be honest there has been some paralyzing going on. This whole process of examination of projects has almost overwhelmed me. So much stuff.

My biggest problem is time… it takes a bunch of time just to maintain. Maintain the house. Maintain relationships. Maintain your health. When you have left a lot slide it takes work to get it back up and running let alone other things you add in.

I find when I am stressed I shut down. I don’t want to think anymore so I do a mindless task. Sewing can take that mindless task. It usually results in new project that I divert to so I may ignore the one that is overwhelming me. See the loop…. Yes you see it. The task you get stuck on gets diverted to the to do list. Start new project….get stuck….to do list….try to organize… start new project.

So I am trying to not get stuck in organizing …my number one avoidance strategy. I will research and read and research, draw up a plan, try to execute it and put it off to the back burner because one of the to do list has now become a number one priority.

Find it, Finish it has become my goal for the year! When I get the old out and done it will create its own energy to let me go on to endeavors that I dream of and let me adjust to our lives as it is now.

So what was found this week.

Back side of first quilt using a pantograph on my longarm
Front side of the panel quilt that was the first pantograph I have done on my longarm.

I have been “practicing” on muslin up until now… practice is good but after a wonderful talk Monday with my friends K and R I realize I just have to do it! So # 1 is done!

Loaded to my longarm. Free motion flames.

Number #2 is loaded and started.

A finish! My sons canvas woodworking apron!


And I spent some of the week while watching the Olympics on TV sewing on my new scrap Pineapple blocks. In away it is a Find it Finish it because the scraps have been piling up and won’t fit in the drawers any more. These are 18 inch blocks and 9 will make a nice lap quilt.

Closer shot of the next 8 blocks.
Almost finished 18 inch block. Just need to add triangle corners.
Pineapple blocks in progress.

Now I need to be off getting some work done after I put on some turkey to turn into pulled turkey for dinner.

Feel free to comment on what your worst procrastination project is. Mine is “organizing instead of doing and starting a new project and leaving the old in a “pile”. I am still trying to figure out this WordPress thing so be patient if you comment. Apparently I have to moderate it first and just found that out today.

I connecting to the Needle and Thread Network.

Have a great week!

Find It …Finish It.

January has been a real month where I have been finding projects and moving forward on them.

It has been very productive.

I have pulled and sorted and organized… mainly made a mess and cleaned it up.

One almost finish is a piece that I had started a couple of years ago in a Gloria Loughman workshop from Craftsy. Gloria Loughman

She is booked to be at Quilt Canada this year which will be held in B.C.

I just have the facing to hand stitch in place and add a label. I enjoyed the process of making this piece and I learned a lot about making a landscape. I like some of the layering for visual texture but I probably will only take bits from this class. I don’t like all the fusible web in the piece as it make a lot of layers to sew through.

Here is a picture of the almost final project.

2018-01-30 13.47.01

I also put the sewed the binding on a big queen size quilt. The picture will have to come once it is on my bed as it is too big to photograph downstairs.

And sewed the facing on two art quilts that I had finished a long time ago but never did the finishing touches. I just threw it on a pile.

I finally got up the nerve to practise or at least give myself permission to play on the longarm. And then I did a dumb thing. I didn’t switch it off while I changed the bobbin. Sew…literally I sewed my right hand ring finger nail. Hubby came to the rescue and iced and bandaged my finger. It will be a few days before I can put pressure on it. Won’t do that again.

I had one quilt start this January. Christa Watson a talented quilter, fabric designer, teacher on Craftsy etc… really impressed me with her enthusiasm and passion at Quilt Market in Houston last November. She has several books out her latest being Piece and Quilt with Precuts. She has been running a quilt along the past 3 weeks with the pattern Squiggles from the book. It is an easy to do pattern but also suggests how to quilt it. It is not just another “quilt as desired” book. I really like this book!


By next week I’ll have a picture of a small section on the design wall. It is for a challenge so I can’t show all right now.

I also moved along on my Steam Punk by Jen Kingwell The blocks are sewn. Now I have to do the  circle appliques for the centre. Fifty of these blocks made. My Husband calls it the Pizza Quilt. 2018-01-30 15.34.39

I have been working on a to do list. I hope to have it done by next week to show my progress month by month. I get lost in the to do’s and want to give myself more credit at what I actually do get done.

Are you your worst critique?

Till next time.




WIP Wednesday

This week I have a finish! At least a finished top.

Most Canadian Quilters will have heard of the Canadian Quilters Great Canada Quilting Bee for Canada’s 150th Birthday this year. They have been asking for slab blocks with Canada 150 fabric in it to make Quilts for Ronald McDonald House.

I belong to the Canadian Quilters Association who is hosting the Bee at their annual Event held this year in Toronto, Ontario.

I might not make it to the Bee (more on that another time) so I thought I would make a whole top to send. I hope to have the second one done this weekend as I go to retreat with the Stoney Creek Quilters guild.

As a child my dad spent extensive time at Sick Children’s Hospital from the age of 5 to 17. I also did part of my nurses training 34 years ago. Having sick kids is not easy. Dad was left at the hospital for days sometimes weeks at a time while his parents had to go back and run the farm in St. Catharines Ontario. This Bee for quilts for the Ronald McDonald houses touched my heart. Dad is 85 and was never expected to live this long.

There is still time to make some blocks. The link is above.

Here is the picture of the finish top.

I used fabric from the the stash of scraps I had left over from several quilts plus one fat quarter of Canada 150 Fabric. 
I hope this top becomes a comfort to someone who needs it. 
I am linking up with the Needle and thread network
Exciting and changing times coming up at our home this year. After a year of many trials and sorrow it is good to feel the sunshine. (However the forecast for the weather is rain ironically for the next 4 days! ) 

Sewing for Baby!

This past week I was sewing for Baby… My daughter in law’s sister had a baby girl in March.

It was fun to go back to sewing for a new baby. I was invited to her shower so I made some crib sheets and a Baby cuddly bear.

I used the matching blanket to wrap the gift which my daughter contributed to as a joint gift. A baby bear cuddly blankie was made with zebra striped flannel and minkie. 

Now I need to get back at it for our first grandchild due in July. More sheets and blankies to come!

I am linking up to the needleandthreadnetwork for my WIP Wednesday although I was ahead this time and this is a finish!


WIP Wednesday and Printing on Fabric

Last week I organized my paper load…

I do have a piece I am working on but I am waiting a bit to post the pictures.

Not sewing related but prepping for sewing I explored printing on fabrics with my printer. This was for my monthly group working on the book Fabric Embellishing The Basics and Beyond by Liz Kettle etc.

What fun I had! Here are a few pictures of what I printed. Now I have to think of how to use them in my work.

Dover clip art design printed on my home printer on “fabric and tissue paper”

Snow on Big Hollow Road. Picture taken by me in Vermont in November. Printed on “fabric and dryer sheets”

I am linking up with WIP Wednesday!
My challenge to myself is to post everyweek. 


What I am working on in the past week.

I didn’t get to post last week on the Link up to the Thread and Needle Work Network.

Not that I have’t been working. In fact I have been busy sewing away and have crashed the kitchen area so I can spend time getting some sunshine.

As I usually hang out in the basement hours can go by without a break.

And that is not good for this girl.

In fact its not really pretty work. It is get the work done. I have so many things that just need to get done. This is my kitchen table. I have four hoodies/jackets that need new zippers for my boys. 

And I have been trying to work on some blocks that need to be done by March 1. 
I also need to finish a few cuddle bears as the 7, I made on holidays are all gone to little ones. 
I have a wall hanging that I want to go to it’s home for US Thanksgiving. 
And a skirt for my wonderful sister for the same time. All not hard sewing but just the normal grind. 
Sometimes you just have to do the grunt work to get to end of the finish line. 
How about you…do you sometimes just have to get the mundane done and out of the way before you can move on? 
Off to get the laundry done then down to the machine. 
Maybe by next week I will have some pretty to share! 

Work in progress

I have been busy working on two pieces I hope to enter into a show that will be in Burlington Ontario. No guarantees to get accepted especially with all the very talented artists who will be entering.

The encouragement from my family especially DH is so empowering. To have someone believe in you is such a besting. 
My small group the Fabrigos are like this too! We can bounce ideas off of each other, ask for opinions on the direction of our work and support each other. 
I wonder if there is any statistics on percentages on submissions to acceptances to shows. This would still be quite subjective depending on number of entrants, skill level and a mirad of other things. 
So why take the chance to enter juried shows? I think the best reason is because it pushes you. It pushes you to complete. It pushes you to hone your skills. It gives you a goal. Does that mean if you don’t get in that your piece was no good? Maybe… To the standard of the day. Or maybe yes it wasn’t that good. Or it wasn’t what the juries liked. But if you are happy with your piece than you have accomplished a goal that many never try. Putting yourself out there! 
With that in mind I have been working on two pieces that are near and dear to my heart. Afraid to continue in case I may wreck it. 
Talking to my friend Al helped me put it in better perspective. It is only a few meters of fabric and 65 hours of work! Lol the investment in actual materials is small. Less than a dinner out. But in reality the time is the expensive part. But I can now say I have learned many ways I don’t want something and vital lessons on how to do somethings…or not. 
How not to make my tree attempt 3!
Fear of quilting in action. What if I do it wrong. 

Time to get off the couch put some tunes on and tackle my fears and move on. 

These works in progress need to be done! 
Do you let the fear of perfect stand in your way?