Under Construction and Renos.

Things have been very busy here lately.

We went on a long vacation to visit family in April and disconnected with the world. Or at least anything related to work and being at home. It was wonderful and relaxing and gave us time to figure out generally what we want to do in our lives together.

May has come and is almost gone with opening up the family cottage, establishing routines and finalizing an entry to Fibre Content 2018 a wonderful Fibre Art Show in Burlington, Ontario. (more to follow)

My sewing room is having some renos and is a massive dump zone.

I have been trying to figure out my web/blog site but am stumbling over technology.

I started a mentorship through SAQA with a very talented mentor. I have been stumbling and trying to figure out what feels right to do.

And I am trying to start my small business of vending at regional quilt shows featuring Sew Batiks products and my hand dyes.

Much of going forward requires self discipline which I have always resisted. But I can change!

Writing out the steps to achievement is my task this weekend and just mapping out a plan.

First up is to find help for my web/blog. So I am looking for some help in this area. Any suggestions?

Come on a journey with me and see how I fare. Till next week.


New Year, New Beginning

I am very good at making New Years resolutions. I am very bad at keeping them. I also love to read about how to go about organizing and I think I am in love with the idea of new starts. But it comes down to all this organizing and new starts is just an excuse of getting things done.

I don’t know why I think that this will be different. So I hope to make myself accountable.

I am switching blog platforms from Blogger and my old persona of “thesewinggeek”

I am still a geek in real life and a geek in my sewing. What I mean by that is I love to learn and throw myself into finding out about things. And I am a lifelong Star Trek and Stargate franchise fan with a bit of Lord of the Rings and Fantasy thrown in.

As I build this blog and site I hope to share my passion of sewing and fiber arts with a bit of geek showing through. Something new will show up from my forays into technology too!

Hope you join me on the journey.


Have you ever had a dream…

Have you ever had a Dream….  
Houston International Quilt Market and Festival A CANADIAN NINE PATCH CELEBRATING CANADA’S 150TH BIRTHDAY
Sponsored by Edward Jones
Organized by Leslie Prokop and Shelley DeHay-Turner
This exhibit is inspired by Canada’s sesquicentennial. The quilts represent Canada’s history, geography, and culture
as expressed by each artist. And each work showcases a diversity of quilting styles as well as a variety of mediums
and techniques.
For years I have had a dream … the dream was to attend a national quilt festival. I never thought it would happen until I was asked along with many others to make a quilt to put into the exhibition above. 
It was the dream of my friends Leslie and Shelley to enter a special exhibit into the Houston Quilt Festival. So they started by recruiting friends and people who may be interested. It wasn’t a given that it would happen. It wasn’t a given it would be accepted. It was a given that my quilt would be included if the exhibit was accepted. 
But one thing was for sure I would have a finished quilt that I had long wanted to make that included my traditional side along with my art quilting side. And as usual I dragged my daughter in to help with the hand quilting. 
So now the exhibit has been accepted. It will hang at the 2017 Houston Quilt Market and Festival this October – November.  
And my dear hubby has booked the plane tickets and Air B and B.  My daughter has booked the time off of work and next month we will be there. Walking the aisles, shopping, see quilts we can ever imagine making. Meeting people. Quilt Stars! 
Totally Quilt geeks we are! 
And unbelievable to me, my quilt and my great-grandma’s quilt will be hanging along side my 25 new Canadian Quilt buddies and among the world’s quilters. 
So off to Houston we go with all my buddies who can attend. Ego boosting and humbling this experience both is…. 
No pictures for now.. we signed an agreement no pictures could be published before hand…. But you can be sure it will be along with my Houston and greatest adventures of being a quilt and sewing geek! 
P. S 
There will be an opportunity to see these quilts. 
Tuesday December 5th from 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.
Brant Hills Community Centre
2255 Brant St,
Burlington, ON
We will be presenting our Canadian Nine Patch Quilt exhibit at the Brant Hills Community Centre – just south of #5

We will be hosting a one day event to share our quilts and their stories with our community

Oh Whats A Girl to do!!!! Forced Vacation

I have been so geared up to sew a storm. This week was to be the week! But it is not to be…
Friday I had a freak fall. Down I went off a curb… I can say life through me a curb honestly! lol
So now I sit (literally). After 1 ambulance ride, 4 hours in emergency I came home with a cut up nose, badly sprained ankle and a broken wrist bone.  Combine that with a few bruises and I was set to celebrate our May 24th holiday weekend in a lazy boy.

I am actually mending quite well. My face looks a whole lot better. Swelling has gone down in ankle and wrist. Still can’t walk comfortably and I don’t know how long I will have to wear my splint cast on my hand.

So for now I am having a forced rest and spend my time surfing the net, reading and watching videos. Off to the osteopath for assessment tomorrow and the Dr’s next Wednesday.

I always say I want to be served by my family but it is not as fun as it once sounded. 

Is vacation a rest?

Going on vacation seems like a good idea. And it is. This summer past was filled with work and family and planning a trip of a life time.
Now that we are on it the trip is inspiring ,tiring and invigorating.
Week 1 was with our whole family in Holland.
Now we are in Paris. It is early morning. The cars are rushing by. We have a B and B  a half of a km from the Louve. Last night the cafés were teeming with life. People laughing, talking,eating and having a glass of wine.
Today an adventure in Paris… 

Summer is coming to fast…

It has been busy in the household.
In the past month my daughter graduated with her MLS, we have been to the cottage and worked and played. I am still working 3 days a week. (Not much for some but for me it is more than I thought I would ever be able to work.)
The sewing room is still recovering from a month of blogging about Lutradur.
I visited Quilt Canada but did not take pictures because in some places it was not allowed.
And the only pictures I have been taking have been of family and friends and I don’t want to share those without their permission.
So what to do?
I will share my dog… poor Moe. He is such a easy mark.
Here is Canada Day…
or my Canadog.

Moe is a great sport. 
What is up this week. 
Some hand quilting on a quilt our church is making for our local sponsored nursing home for when someone passes it will be used to cover the resident as they leave. 
The day of the “dying” The Fabrigos are coming to play with mx dyes, sunprinting and colourvie. 
Kayaking maybe or a concert in the park with my hubby. 
Sewing lesson day with my great nieces… first project pj pants. 
What are you up to this week? 

Quilt Canada and why am I a quilter….

It is a wonderful opportunity to go to Quilt Canada today. Quilt Canada 2014

If you have never been to the Niagara Area it truly is a beautiful spot to visit. Of course there is Niagara Falls always a wonder but we have a micro climate that allows for the growing of grapes and tender fruit. So we have lots of wineries to visit. Strawberries are in season now and coming fresh from the field.

There is a world class theaters in Shaw in Niagara on the Lake, Forts that reenact like Fort George and Fort Erie. The Welland Canal  from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.

Sometimes I forget what a wonderful place I get to live in.

Sometimes I forget what blessings I have. This week friends lost their 18 year old son to an accident. How to walk along side them? I guess it is just to be there. The Dad said last night … I think I will just need a lot of hugs… I can do that. The mom said she would like to hear the stories I remember about their son. I can do that.

Quilters know about how to give. I enjoy my guilds because of their generosity towards others. Their love and kindness.

So off I go to get refreshed. To spend the day laughing and seeing wondrous things. This will help fill my cup so I can just be and help my friends walk the journey that all parents fear.


What a month….

It has been quite a month. Blogging over at andthenwesetitonfire.blogspot.ca on as you know …all things Lutradur.

I now have a great selection of things to work on and found a new love…. burning… or should I say melting.

Plus I learned more about using so many things that it will translate into my work. 
One thing I have learned this month is preparation. I am  a last minute girl. This has been a hectic week and a half finishing up all I wanted to blog about on and then we set it on fire. 
My husband has even been checking out the posts. 
I am going to continue to blog about Lutradur… how I finished all those lovely pieces I posted and more that I never got to. 
I hope you check out the blog. It is a great one. 
And leave a comment so you can win a copy of Leslie Riley book on Lutradur or a package of goodies of all things Lutradur. There is time until May 31 to leave a comment. 
So that is what I have been up too. But of course I couldn’t have done it without my friends Elle, Robynne, Al, Karen, Judy and Gunnel Hag and of course Leslie Riley being game to answer questions for me. 
That’s it for this Wednesday

Information overload… bring it on

I have been so busy over at andthenwesetitonfire blogging that I haven’t made it here to much. 

But I think through blogging regularly this month I have confirmed that I just love to learn and create. I also like to share. Writing does not come easily for me so I will have to learn to write less and give more pictures. 

My hubby is the greatest. He has been so patient with me and the commitments and other things that interrupt our lives. 

His greatest thing is to read and to listen to Great Courses. thegreatcourses.com
coursesthese are cd’s or dvds that are actually like university coursed taught by professors.

I listen to some but others I will never watch. Like the physics or math is fun ones. 

I do have a photography one that is next on my list to do. 

But then my wonderful hubby let me buy all the Colourlicious DVDs colouricious.com

Not only did I get 

but I got these too! 

Now I can experiment away! Plenty of fodder for the blog. 

So in June I hope you follow me down the path of Sun Printing over on the andthenwesetitonfire blog

And some finishing!!!! of projects!!!! 

Off on an adventure of play.


The Month rolls along…

This month has been a crazy busy month… I keep expecting life to be different  and I will get time later but it doesn’t seem to happen. lol So I guess at 51 I will just expect crazy from now on.

I have been so busy blogging on andthenwesetitonfire  on Lutraur that I have been hopping from thing to thing. 

So I invite you to go to the blog to see what I have been up to.

Elle ellendacoop.blogspot.ca has been helping me with posts this month as well as some other friends. Elle is posting on Thursdays or Fridays.

Leslie Riley the writer of the book

answered some questions and sometime this month C & T has agreed to give a reader of the blog a e copy of the book. 
So if you ever wanted to know something about Lutradur come on over to visit… 
In a way this is not a finish but it is a daily finish for me whenever I write a post about the process. 
I am linking up to the needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.ca
Please come and visit this month and see some of the work that my Canadian guest friends are producing. First we are going through techniques and then we will see how and where we can use the stuff we have created.