Lots of Progress – Find it Finish it!

Some people dedicate January to finishing the previous years projects.

I think I will be dedicating more than that before I get things down to a reasonable level. This can be somewhat freeing and or somewhat paralyzing. And I have to be honest there has been some paralyzing going on. This whole process of examination of projects has almost overwhelmed me. So much stuff.

My biggest problem is time… it takes a bunch of time just to maintain. Maintain the house. Maintain relationships. Maintain your health. When you have left a lot slide it takes work to get it back up and running let alone other things you add in.

I find when I am stressed I shut down. I don’t want to think anymore so I do a mindless task. Sewing can take that mindless task. It usually results in new project that I divert to so I may ignore the one that is overwhelming me. See the loop…. Yes you see it. The task you get stuck on gets diverted to the to do list. Start new project….get stuck….to do list….try to organize… start new project.

So I am trying to not get stuck in organizing …my number one avoidance strategy. I will research and read and research, draw up a plan, try to execute it and put it off to the back burner because one of the to do list has now become a number one priority.

Find it, Finish it has become my goal for the year! When I get the old out and done it will create its own energy to let me go on to endeavors that I dream of and let me adjust to our lives as it is now.

So what was found this week.

Back side of first quilt using a pantograph on my longarm
Front side of the panel quilt that was the first pantograph I have done on my longarm.

I have been “practicing” on muslin up until now… practice is good but after a wonderful talk Monday with my friends K and R I realize I just have to do it! So # 1 is done!

Loaded to my longarm. Free motion flames.

Number #2 is loaded and started.

A finish! My sons canvas woodworking apron!


And I spent some of the week while watching the Olympics on TV sewing on my new scrap Pineapple blocks. In away it is a Find it Finish it because the scraps have been piling up and won’t fit in the drawers any more. These are 18 inch blocks and 9 will make a nice lap quilt.

Closer shot of the next 8 blocks.
Almost finished 18 inch block. Just need to add triangle corners.
Pineapple blocks in progress.

Now I need to be off getting some work done after I put on some turkey to turn into pulled turkey for dinner.

Feel free to comment on what your worst procrastination project is. Mine is “organizing instead of doing and starting a new project and leaving the old in a “pile”. I am still trying to figure out this WordPress thing so be patient if you comment. Apparently I have to moderate it first and just found that out today.

I connecting to the Needle and Thread Network.

Have a great week!

WIP Wednesday and the Needle and Thread Network

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I am still in my “find it finish it” mode. I have so many “irons in the fire” it doesn’t seem as if I can move forward until I get some things off my mind and out of the to do list.

I have always been envious of those who can do one project from finish to end but that is not been me.

How do you do it?
Do you start with a project and go until it is done?

What is done for you? Is it bound, labelled, hanging sleeve done in the case of a quilt or wall hanging?

Or is it delivered to who is to be the recipient or put in an inventory or lovingly safely put away until needed?

Many people think I am organized. But I have found while I always seem to be organized I have many things I know I have but I have put lovingly away until I need them.

For example – I bought needles for my shared with my mom smocking machine. I put them away until I had time to replace the ones I had broken. I knew where the machine is – on my shelf in the laundry room. Yesterday I thought I am going to my mom’s I will put the needles in finally and take it to her. She wants to smock something for my grand daughter, her great grand daughter.
Do you think I can find those needles… I searched all the logical places. After writing this post I have to think of all the unlogical places. Couldn’t find them. I had to admit I could not find them. This was not easy for me to do because I always get a bit of a reaction to my “failures”. Not that this was a failure in the big sense of the word but enough to bring me to frantic searching… Then the reaction was not as bad as I thought it would be.

Does anyone else have these moments?

So I am going to be in a “find it, finish it” mode until I get my “ducks in a row”.

You can also see I am in a cliche’ mood today. I think I will start a page with cliche’s and their meanings. Could be a way to perk me up!

On to what I have been working on this past week.

I put my “Squigqles” (Pattern designer) – Christa Watson up on the design wall.
2018-02-15 10.43.46
She was/is doing a link up to this quilt and her book
Christa Watson – Piece and Cut With Precuts with C & T publishing

The fabric is from Sew Batik Nuance line – three 1/2 yard cuts and I used the gradients to move from one colour to the next. I really like the way this has turned out so far. The fabric sews like a dream.

This is the line of Fabric I brought in from Houston Market last fall which is great for quilters and art quilters alike! So ask me to see my samples if you are interested.

While this was a new project I also worked on my stash of scraps. I have
one scrap project under way. 2018-02-15 11.40.43.jpg

This is a collection of 2 1/2 inch squares used from my scraps of children/eye spy fabric left overs. Currently it is being made into 4 patch units and I can do this in a leader and ender style that Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville who has many books out about scrap quilting and leader and ender projects. ric
Bonnie has many free patterns and numerous books, a very active blog and facebook following.

Eventually this project will get done. There is no rush but it does contribute to “my fabric out” self challenge.

While sorting scraps I sort into strings – under 1 1/2 inch strips, 1 1/2 strips, 2 inch strips, 2 1/2 inch strips and pieces over 3 inches. I also sub cut into squares of the above size.

I’ll show you in my next post what I am up to this week with the strings and 1 1/2 inch strips.

This is a long post. Thanks for your patience reading it.


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Organizing Paper Part 2

Organizing the chaos took longer than I thought… Doesn’t it always!

Years of collecting interesting articles and printing them out. I have always grouped them in a clear page protector but had no way to find where was where.
Recently I did a bullet journaling workshop at our local library so I took an idea from the class and created a simple index listing the articles I have. No order just a number on the page protector and a corresponding number on a Index I created in an excel spread sheet. 
The excel spreadsheet. Simple only two columns. 

I popped the index in the front of the binder and added a label on my binder spine. My daughter suggested to put another copy in a “Listings” binder I have already containing books I own and

I did not empty to many binders in the end… only two but I do have a system set up and no extra papers left over to file or search for.

It may seem like a waste of a couple afternoons but now I will be able to find what I want when I want it. I also found a whole bunch of pictures I had printed on fabric, inspirational pictures and notes on things I had made.

Tomorrow I hope to get back to sewing on my latest fibre project.

The Fabrigos have given ourselves a challenge to make a project based on a specific topic each quarter. I have until Monday to get it done.

So my WIP this week involves more paper than fabric but it does feel good to have a whole pile of stuff having a home!.

Linking up with the Needle and Thread Network!

Feeling good about a getting rid of paper!


Organizing…. Paper.

Are you ever like me? Do you find articles you want to read and save them? Do you save to computer hard drive? or do you print them out? or do you do both? 

I have a fear of not being to find everything.  I save the articles on my hard drive and I print them out. I have a pretty economical printer and paper is realitively cheap. So my problem is not so much of not saving it is finding. 

My main problem is I create systems to file stuff and I have years of stuff. I forget or can’t find the stuff. So I reprint or look for new things. As part of my new year starting this month I have been contemplating stuff and how it makes me feel. 

I love stuff! I love my stuff! I love buying stuff! I love learning about the newest stuff! I lose stuff! I hate stuff! I feel guilty about stuff! I hate the mess the stuff makes! I hate how the mess the stuff makes and how anxious it makes me. 

That is a lot of feelings on stuff. 

I am working on my stuff and how it makes me feel. 

So I am taking it one stuff at a time. 

 My first stuff category is Paper!!!!!! 

Check this picture of Papers. 

 This is the binders, papers, loose papers I pulled from my sewing room only! 

I have a whole movable cart with papers and stuff from the kids. 
Piles of photo pictures half organized.
Scrapbooks started.
Bookshelf with Binders of saved quilt patterns. 
All paper stuff. 
We won’t go into the scrapbook cupboard and talk about supply stuff. 

This is a shot of my kitchen table with the whole lot brought up from the basement. 

I don’t know if I have the answers and I don’t want to go looking for more systems. 

Out it all is coming from each binder. Sorted into category piles. With recycle box by my side for junk. Articles I don’t want for my guild. And by the end of a couple of hours I want to downsize this mess! 

I am giving myself a challenge to downsize without moving. Use it up or loose it. 30% is my goal. 

When the basement is done being purged of my stuff and hubby has looked at his we are going to treat ourselves to removing a small wall, and ridding of three doors. This will open up the sewing family room to a bigger size and won’t make me feel so confined! Trapped! Unable to breath! Guilty! 

No pressure purging! 

I will post an after picture of the the table, recycle bin and binders. 

Here is to an afternoon of favourite tunes and tv and moving a mountain of paper! 

Do you feel guilty about stuff? 
Do you ignore it or tackle it? 

Have a great day! 


Tackling her world one day at a time!